The Walk About Traffic Lead keeps overly energetic dogs from getting ahead of themselves...and you. This leash is just under 46cm at its shortest length, which makes it easier for you to keep control over your strong puller. It’s perfect for walking in crowded areas with your pup as it encourages him to stay focused on the path ahead rather than whatever interesting smells he’s caught windof. The Walk About Traffic Lead is easy to pack; the polyester webbing and aluminum carabiner help keep the leash as lightweight as possible, and the adjustable sliding hook allows you to shorten it to take up less room. Shorter leads are great tools for reinforcing heel training as well discouraging pulling behavior.

Most effective for medium-large breeds as the short design keeps your dog close to your side
Polyester webbing with reflective threading
Sliding hook
Adjustable length
Aluminum swivel carabiner

Kurgo Traffic Lead