My dog is currently 4 months old, which class should I take? Beginner Basics, classes are 5 weeks and your pup is closer in age to older dogs than smaller pups.

Will dogs be off leash at any point of time? No, you will always have them on a leash, even when doing 'come when called'.

My dog is 8 weeks old, and there is not a class start date close when he turns 10 weeks, can we start now? I would recommend, at least a week to two weeks bonding time before starting a training program. Also, 10 weeks is the most appropriate age to start; even if its a little later.

Is the price $150 for just one class session? The $150 is the price for the ENTIRE 5 week session, and must be paid prior to class in order to save your spot.

How many dogs are in one 5 week class? From 3 to 5 dogs per class.

How many commands in just one class? Anywhere from 3 to 4 commands per class.

Private vs. 5 week class? Consider your schedule; If you will miss any of the 5 week classes Private may be for you. Classes cannot be made up.

My dog won't listen in a group of dogs, Is the group class or me? Maybe? Consider, your taking classes because.... (your dog won't listen)... I'm here to help you along the way! But, also keep in mind, group classes aren't for every pup.

Are classes inside or outside? Puppy|Beginner in COLD weather months are inside. Puppy
Beginner in WARM weather months are outside. Distractions class is inside.


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