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Husky Handshake


prerequisite / equivalent needed
Group Tricks Class.

Form a stronger bond. Games.

Teaching things similar to:

Roll Over. Spin through legs. Wave. Shake. High Five. Speak. Name that toy. Put toys away. & More
1 hour a week for 5 weeks. same time.


1hr  |3 weeks | $150


*Please let me know if you are interested; class depends interest!

Dog Owners

Level 1 Basics

Calling all pups 10 weeks and older! This is your chance to shine and
become a top dog with skills like attention listening, basic commands, manners (no jumping allowed!), and even house training. Plus, you'll ace the art of loose-lead-walking and socializing like a pro.
All you need is 1 hour a week for 5 weeks, and you'll be ready to rule the dog park! Same time, same place


1hr  |5 weeks | $215.00

February 15, 2024
6:00 PM

*Susquehanna Valley Mall*

Community Zone
1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Dr.
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

February 22, 2024
10:00 AM

*Susquehanna Valley Mall*

Community Zone
1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Dr.
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Happy Dog

Come When Called

Come When Called

Ages: 10 weeks & over


45 min  | meeting once | $50


Essential Items for this Workshop
Make sure you have the following items for this workshop:

  • 2 leashes

    • **(1) 4-6 foot leash**: used to bring your dog in

    • **(1) 15 foot cotton/leather leash**: not a tie-out or plain rope

  • **High reward treats**: something extra special that your dog doesn't usually get such as hotdogs, chicken, cheese, freeze-dried chicken treats, or their favorite dog treats

  • **2 humans**: one for calling and one for holding the leash

(children under 18 aren't allowed to hold the leashes, but can do the calling)

  • **Up-to-date dog vaccination records** for Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, and Rabies.

Dog Walker

Level 2 Basics

prerequisite / equivalent needed of basic manners
Enhance your listening skills with the "Heel" technique. This involves walking beside someone while listening attentively, then gradually increasing the distance. You can also try lengthening the duration of your listening sessions and introducing distractions. This five-week program requires only one hour per week, at the same scheduled time.


1hr  |5 weeks | $215.00​


Happy Dog



Leash Walking

Ages: 10 weeks & over


45 min | meeting once | $50

March 9, 2023

2:00 PM
Susquehanna Valley Mall

Requirements for all Dog Training Classes
To ensure a safe and productive class, please note the following requirements:

  • No retractable leashes of any kind allowed

  • Maximum of 5 dogs per class

  • At least one 6 ft leash, one 4 ft leash, and/or one 2 ft leash is required (leashes are available for purchase at Greenbrier, but please arrive early to obtain one)

  • A collar and/or harness with correct ID tags is necessary (what you already have is probably fine)

  • Small bite, soft treats are recommended

  • Up-to-date records of dog vaccinations are mandatory (Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, and Rabies)


How to Sign Up for Private Sessions
To schedule a time and day before signing up, please call or text us at 570.884.8510. For a prompt response, we advise texting us instead.

Tip: when booking; fill out EVERY box in order to press pay now

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