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What's Required For Class?

Materials Needed / Please Bring the Following:

  • Your Dog :-)

  • A collar with proper ID

  • Harness (optional)

  • Leash 4ft or 6ft (non-retractable) [4ft is my preference ]

  • A treat pouch: you will not want your pockets to be filled with treats [what a mess!] treat pouch must be able to be attached to you via clip or belt My Favorite Pouch

  • Soft bite treats: (examples) Freeze Dried Treats [Chicken, Beef or another protein], Wellness puppy [or adult] soft bites, BillJac liver treats [Little Jacs are best], any [soft] treat your dog loves, having a variety is sometimes key.

    • Little Jacs Dog Treats are Available for Purchase at Top Dog Pet Training in-store only. ​


  • Proof of Vaccinations: [Para-influenza, Distemper, Parvovirus, & Rabies] 
    (Print out of services received on your bill is usually best; you can always call your vet and have them send you a copy or email them to me via vet office)




All Level 1 Basic Classes are Located at: 

29 N. Market Street Ste D, Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Distractions Classes [level 2] Held at PetValu in Lewisburg

7431 Westbranch Hwy Ste 4, Lewisburg, PA 17837


Parking: Street Parking Available, Parking Lot also available. 

If Parking on street and entering in front; Top Dog Pet Training's door is the green door to the left.

If Parking in the parking lot. Parking lot is located down East Chestnut Street and on the corner of North Strawberry Alley. Use the main green door facing the parking lot. Go up the stairs, Top Dog Pet Training's door is to the right. [you can go around the building to enter in the front door; it's always optional]


For safety reasons, I do not let dogs meet and greet face to face. They can see each other, but please do not let the dogs be in each other's space or faces. This helps tremendously while learning socializing. Leashing your dog inside/outside is always best.

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